Thursday, September 28, 2017

Why I Started Healthy Heart Sleep Company

I often get asked why I started a sleep therapy company. In short, it is the most intrinsically rewarding job I have ever done. During my career as a Respiratory Therapist, I have had the privilege of working in the ER, ICU, and many clinics. I fell into the world of sleep kind of by accident. But once in and I realized how much of a difference treating one’s sleep apnea can positively affect their overall being – I was hooked. Imagine taking someone who has had a poor sleep for a long time, for some people years, and guides them to a night of restful sleep. They feel so much better! I often say that I am not treating just one person, I am treating the whole family. When we are better rested and feel better during the day, we have the energy for our spouses and children at the end of the workday! I will always remember the wife of an elderly fellow I treated. She told me after he responded so well to therapy and was now a joking energetic guy – “here is the man I married over 50 years ago, he’s back!”